Brand Story - Building the future for you

To build the future, it is important to know what is in store for India by 2030.

XRBIA is a unique housing venture with a mission to build world-class cities that provide sustainable housing dedicated to the future of young Indians.

These cities, spanning nationwide, will provide every infrastructural service including water, sewage treatment, sanitation, roads, education and healthcare. The houses in Xrbia are uniquely designed to optimize living spaces and offer a solution that addresses the needs of an ever-growing population.

The contemporary design features solutions to two of today's most challenging problems: how to conserve space and help save the environment. The design goal was to build as smart as possible, to harmonize with the site, to use natural lighting and ventilation techniques, and, above all, to combine aesthetic beauty with ecological sensitivity. The designs are striking in appearance, inexpensive to build, and wholly functional, and will serve as inspiration for architects and potential owners. With meticulous planning, forward thinking initiatives and unparalleled leadership, Xrbia is setting the benchmark for the cities of the future.

India is on the move and what could be its greatest advantage is the size of its young population, a factor so long pitted as a major down pull for the economy. Truth is, a growing population can be a source of rich dividend provided its potential is harnessed. For that to happen, India needs thriving cities with cutting edge infrastructure.

India's urban population registered a mercurial rise from 1971-2012 with the latest figures projected to be 1100 million. It has been predicted that by 2030, our cities will be home to 800 million people. Which means 70% of India's total population will live in cities.

To accommodate the demands of an urban expansion of such a speed, Xrbia's mission is to build "100 future ready cities by 2030".

XRBIA, a derivative of the word 'ex-ur-bi-a' means the region beyond the suburbs. The brand is positioned to connote modernity and a new life.

We will infuse technology with modern architecture to build the cities of the future, which will stand above the rest of the world.

The objective is to make available every modern convenience, from wider avenues to the best of infrastructural, educational and healthcare facilities.

Technology will build Xrbia's cities, pave its roads, purify its water and treat its waste. All of this while maintaining the sanctity of the environment.

But perhaps the most significant element on Xrbia's map will be its vast open spaces, designed keeping in mind the claustrophobic lives we otherwise live.

Our new campaign is built around the idea of "Building the future for you". The approach is to have a 360 degree campaign to reach the target audience and create maximum retention of the brand name. TV, Print, Radio and digital media are being used to promote the campaign. Exhaustive digital media campaigns and contests are already in process. Below are some of our ads and campaign related work.

Our TV and print campaign lasted for a week with a special focus on news channels and business oriented newspapers.

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