Building Sustainable Cities

Xrbia aims to build not only homes but also sustainable cities for the future that will incorporate our ideals. While our business is about what we build, it is often the space around our buildings that is the most important. The clubhouse, streets and parks that surround our buildings are where people meet and the community lives. We look for opportunities where we can help a neighbourhood grow and evolve.

Good Technology, Great Cities

From providing drinking water through taps, to using RFID technology for security, we're executing a wide range of innovative ideas representing everything that technology makes possible.

We are applying the world's latest technologies in energy conservation, sewage & water management, telecommunication, safety etc.

Commitment to the Environment

We are pioneering ways to be more earth friendly. Our cities are designed to incorporate responsible planning, building standards and landscaping that protect the environment and are sensitive to the ecosystem.

Commitment to Education

Xrbia is a place where children discover themselves and the beauty of the world around. We remain committed to good schooling and endeavor to make Xrbia a place where people achieve personal growth through lifelong learning.

Dedication to Health

From pedestrian-friendly neighbourhoods with trails that promote walking and biking, to parks, pools and playgrounds that invite team sports and athletic programs, our communities present many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Foster Great Communities

We have created smart spaces such as collaborating parks, meeting points and extensive walking trails, to bring families together. Our neighbourhoods create a true sense of belonging. The clubhouse, pool, gardens and all other public spaces harbor a warm community feeling.

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